At the request of Glenn Cleland under DURESS and PRESSURE being imposed upon him by the Queensland Department of Family Youth and Community Services
under direction of the Minister Anna Bligh

We have been requested to CENSOR THIS PAGE.  Even though the law does not prevent us providing the information the Department is using this web site as a key factor as to why they will not release the Baby back into the care of the parents.

Currently the Baby is and has been held in the Hospital for two months, away from the parents, with only supervised access by hospital staff.

This is not the first time I've been asked to CENSOR this page, but now it seems the duress and pressure is far exceeding the benefits.

Can you imagine what the Queensland Government might resort to next?   Sending letters to everyone who purchased a newspaper and demanding they cut out the article published before any of this was the commission, and emotional mess it now is?

Have you read the book "1984" or seen the movie?  One part goes into explicit detail about how records were removed from historic documents, newspapers, books, videos and computers that refereed to a person who was found to be "against" the State.

Can you tell me what the difference is?

Help this family fight the Queensland State and get their little barely 3 month old baby back.

Write, fax and e-mail the QLD Government, a list of contacts is provided below.   Tell the Government you want to know what's going on and why they haven't even contacted me with a statement to be posted on this site.  Ask them why they are harassing the family and on what basis they do this?  Ask them what support is open to the family (legal aid has been denied.)

Who isn't helping Name (e-mail linked) Web Contact Fax
QLD State Government Web Entry
Premier Hon. Peter BEATIE MLA Direct Comment (07) 3221 3631
Minister FYCS Hon. Ann BLIGH MLA Web Profile
(has Mobile numbers too!)
Office (07) 3210 2190

Parliament (07) 3221 8725

Minister Health Hon. Wendy Marjorie EDMOND (07) 3229 4731
Minister Justice Hon. Matthew Joseph FOLEY (07) 3220 2475
Dept FYCS Mr. Ken Smith
Director General
Web Page (07) 3224 6107
Intergovernment Relations Chris Goodreid Web Page  (e-mail / phones) (07) 3224 4958

Complete list of QLD Government Ministers
includes Names, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers

Who might help
Leader Opposition Hon. Rob Borbidge, MLA (07) 3221 1496
(07) 5538 5560
Shadow Minister FYCS Denver Beanland (07) 3378 7072
Shadow Minister Justice Lawrence Springborg (07) 4681 2949

Complete list of QLD Government Opposition Ministers
includes Names, Address, Phone and Fax Numbers

The Modified CENSORED story originally sent is below.
No one from the QLD Government has telephoned, faxed or emailed offering any statement.

Welcome, if welcome is the right word, to Baby Cleland's Web Site.

Update for Tuesday 14 September 1999

The story is being written as we speak, more details will be provided as they come to hand.

As usual, we have the story online, shortly feedback and other sections will be added so you can help and support the parents through their drama.

If you can help at all, please contact 02 9729 0565 to register yourself and we'll arrange for family to contact you.

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:46:09 +1000
From: David's Mum

The following is as I recall from the moment David met Sandy-

David had to go to Pukerpunal (Victoria) for September, 1998, so told Sandy she and her young son James could live in his house while he was away. On his return he let Sandy and James stay and a relationship developed. In December, when David, Sandy and James came down for Christmas they told Glen and me that Sandy was pregnant. They were overjoyed and because they were happy it made us happy, regardless of the circumstances.

On 17th June, 1999 Glen and I went up to be with David and Sandy for the birth of their baby and help them move house as they were issued an army house because of the pending birth of Baby (not usually allowed by the army for couples living together). David and Sandy were very excited and happy about the pending birth of their baby.

On the morning of 21st June 1999, 6am, David took Sandy in for the birth to the Mater Hospital (it was pre arranged that she have a ceasarian section as she had had a very difficult time with her previous baby, James). She was to have an epidural but this didn't work so she had to have a full general anaesthetic. Glen and I are unaware of the full medical care for both mother and baby.

On the night of 2nd July, 1999, at 3.50am I had a phonecall from David telling me that Baby was critically ill in the Kirwan Womens Hospital so I made arrangements to fly to Townsville on Saturday 3rd July. They had noticed Baby had had diahorrea from birth and on the Thursday of 1st July, they noticed he seemed in pain when moved to change his nappy etc. 

They were considering taking him to the clinic but thought they'd wait another 24 hours to see how he was. On the Friday he seemed OK so they collected Sandy's sister Donna and went to Willows Shopping Centre, to show off their beautiful little boy.  At about 6.30pm David and Sandy (with James 16 months), visited a friend, Rachel

David and Sandy then got a couple of videos and went home. They put James and Baby on a couple of pillows and a blanket on the floor and sat down beside them while they watched videos. At about 10pm they put James to bed and finished watching the video. At about 11pm when the video finished David suggested Sandy get ready to give Baby a feed (she was breast feeding) and he would change Babys' nappy. When he turned Baby to do the nappy change he screamed, which was most uncharacteristic, as he very rarely cried.

He cuddled him to try and console him but to no avail.

Baby then started to lose his breath so David handed him to Sandy who was lying on their bed. Baby then had a small vomit that had blood in it and at that point David and Sandy phoned the ambulance. Sandy took messages from the ambulance and relayed them to David. By the time the ambulance arrived Baby had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped for (David thinks) from 30 seconds to one minute. He was taken to the Mater hospital but because they do not have the correct equipment he was transferred to the Kirwan Womens Hospital.

There were many tests done over that weekend and Baby was given two blood transfusions because "he's had so much blood taken from him." He was heavily sedated (morphine, dilanten are two drugs that come to mind). He also had a lumba puncture on the Saturday and another a couple of days later.

On Monday 5th July he was given a CT Scan and when the results came back an eye doctor checked his eyes for bleeding. After this check, Dr John Whitehall, the Neo Natal Director at the Kirwan Womens Hospital, asked David and Sandy to go to his office (I was usually involved in what was happening but on this occassion I was excluded), along with one of the sisters and a social worker. Dr Whitehall sat them down and said to David and Sandy, "Right, tell me what really happened?" They were totally at a loss as to what he meant, then he said, "Which one of you shook the baby?"

At this point they went to pieces thinking that the doctor believed that they had harmed Baby.

On the Monday night Glen phoned Crisis Care to report what had happened and was told to get legal advise, but Family Services stepped in, along with Juvenile Aid, and began questioning them and telling them that if Baby dies one of them will be charged with murder but if one of them confesses the charge will be reduced to man-slaughter, on the other hand if he survives one of them will be charged with grievous bodily harm. The social worker then said that they would lose their other baby as they didn't feel "comfortable" about allowing him to live in the same house.

Adam, I can't at this point think of anything more - my brain's drained. I will contact you if I can.

Glen and I are ever so grateful for your assistance, as are David and Sandy who at this point are a very frightened young couple.

Kind regards,
Jenny and Glen (Grandparents)